Cookie policy

At E-PIC S.r.l., we want to ensure that your visit to our Web site is smooth, reliable and as useful to you as possible. To help us do this, we use cookies and similar technologies (together referred to as “cookies” in this policy).
We notify you about our use of cookies when you first visit our Web site, through a notification banner at the bottom of the page. By clicking the "I agree" button, you consent to our use of cookies. However, you can change your cookie settings. Further information about managing your cookie settings is provided below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit almost any Web site. They are stored by your Internet browser. Cookies contain basic information about your Internet use, but they do not normally identify you personally. Your browser sends these cookies back to the site every time you revisit it, so it can recognise your computer or mobile device and personalize and improve your site experience.
Cookies help us to understand what did and didn’t interest you about our site, so we can provide you with features that are more relevant and useful to you next time you visit. We also use cookies to analyse how visitors use the site.

What types of cookies do we use?

The cookies fall into 3 categories. These categories are described below.

Essential/Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary to help you access and move around our site and use all its features. Without these cookies, our website would not work properly and you would not be able to use certain important features.

Analytics and customisation cookies

At E-PIC S.r.l., we want to make your experience on our website as helpful, smooth and as enjoyable as possible. We use cookies to help us understand how our website is being used and how we can improve your experience on it. This type of so-called “analytics” cookies can provide us with information to help us understand which parts of our Web site interest our visitors and if they experience any errors. We use these cookies to test different designs and features for our sites and we also use them to help us monitor how our visitors reach our sites.
We also use cookies to save your settings and preferences on our Web site, such as language preference and information you’ve previously entered. Some customisation cookies are essential if you want to use certain features of the site.
We use the service provided by StatCounter: click to read their cookie policy.
This is the link to refuse StatCounter analytics cookies.
Google maps is used by E-PIC S.r.l. in the contact page: when the map is visualized, google sets a cookie, named NID, to store map preferences.
More information can be found here.

Advertising cookies

We also want to make it as easy as possible for you to share content from E-PIC S.r.l. with your friends through your favourite social networks. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, may set cookies that recognise you when you view content on our Web site and allow you to share content across both sites via the use of sharing settings. For further details, please see your social networking site’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Managing cookies

What happens if I don’t allow cookies?

If cookies aren’t enabled on your computer, tablet or mobile (“device”), your experience on the website may be limited.

How do I disable/enable cookies?

In order to disable/enable cookies from your device, you will need to do this via your Internet browser, or you can remove or reconsider cookies in the footer of each page of this Web site. We have explained how you may manage cookies on your computer via some of the main Internet browsers below. For information on how to manage cookies in your tablet and/or mobile, please consult your documentation or online help files.

Google Chrome

– In the settings menu, select ‘Show advanced settings’ at the bottom of the page
– Select the ‘Content settings’ button in the privacy section
– The top section of the page that then appears tells you about cookies and allows you to set the cookies you want. It also allows you to clear any cookies currently stored.

Mozilla Firefox

– In the tools menu, select ‘Options’
– Select the privacy tab in the options box
– From the dropdown choose, ‘Use custom settings for history’. This will bring up the options for cookies and you can choose to enable or disable them by clicking the tickbox.

Internet Explorer 6+

– In the tools menu, select ‘Internet options’
– Click the privacy tab
– You will see a privacy settings slider which has six settings that allow you to control the number of cookies that will be placed: Block All Cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default level), Low, and Accept All Cookies.

Safari browser

– In the settings menu, select the ‘Preferences’ option
– Open the privacy tab
– Select the option you want from the ‘Block cookies’ section

All other browsers

For information on how to manage cookies via other browsers, please consult your documentation or online help files.

How do I disable/enable third party cookies?

Third party cookies are not placed by us. We would therefore suggest that you look at those third parties’ websites for information about the cookies they place and how you can manage them.

Herein below a description of all the cookies which can be set by

Cookie name: 3a1f5f2817953fe8124f7c6374367eeb => This is the frontend cookie of the CMS (content management system), it is a technical cookie, not persistent, it will be deleted when you close your browser.
Cookie name: plg_system_eprivacy => This is a cookie set by the plugin which manages cookies and privacy options, to check if you accepted the cookie policy or not, it is a technical cookie, persistent, with a duration of 365 days.
Cookie name: sc_is_visitor_unique => This is a cookie for StatCounter, to check if it is the first time you visit this website, it is an analytical cookie with a duration of 730 days.

Check which cookies are actually set in your device:

Herein below a description of cookies set by third parties:

Cookie name: __cfduid => This cookie is set by, for analytic purposes, persistent, with a duration of 365 days.
Cookie name: is_unique => This cookie is set by, for analytic purposes, persistent, with a duration of 5 years.
Cookie name: NID => This cookie is set by to store user preferences and information of Google maps, persistent, with a duration of 6 months.